Steve Wozniak actual signature...

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Steve Wozniak actual signature...

Just grabbed this on Ebay. I always see the "Woz" signature, but, haven't seen his full name signature. Does anyone know how rare a full Steve Wozniak signature is? I thought it was cool to add to my collection. Now I need a Steve Jobs autograph! :). Sorry for the post in the Apple II forum but it seems to be the most active. In any case, I'm still looking for an additional Ventless Rev. 0 if anyone has one for sale. Thanks!



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Looks correct to me. He's

Looks correct to me. He's sign James Earl Jones if you asked him to with an ear-to-ear-grin and a wink. Steve Wozniac is a lovely man. 


I wouldn't mind having him sign some of my hardware, ere it is too late. Not that I'd ever sell it, nor am I an autograph enthusiast: I simply think that he'd appreciate it and my history with it all. 

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