A tail of a quadra 650..

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A tail of a quadra 650..

One of the things I have with me for at least 20 years is a Quadra 650. Sure I had a apple iici, plus, se/30 (dad gave that away), g3, and first gen imac. Among other things. They are all gone. I found no use for them. Well except for the se/30. Anyway during it life. This does not have the optional cd-rom drive slot. So what did I do. Put antoher scsi hard drive in it. Figured why not. I also upgraded the ram (Can't remember how much.) and dropped a power pc 601 card in it. One thing I have not found for it yet is a nubus video card. But it isn't a big importance. I just play a very old version of simcity on it. So even though it does not get much use. I got a nice collection of keyboards, the aaui adaptor, mouse and track ball among other things. The last mac thing I added to my collection was a nice blue scsi mac zip 100 drive. Purchased that in a box from a thirft store. Having the usb zip drive still from back in the day. Transfering files from a pc to the mac is a peice of cake. When I get around to getting that apple II plus. I'll see if I can take pictures and the whole collection. Oh and I"m pretty sure I paid $5.00 for it. In fact most of the mac's I purchased back then was under $20.00 and most just had a hard drive wiped. My personal fav was one time somebody just trashed the system folder so it wouldn't boot.