Terminal for OS 7.5.2?

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Terminal for OS 7.5.2?

Hi folks, I recently acquired a PowerBook 2300c and I have to say, I find it all a little overwhelming. I grew up in a world of technological advancement but the Duo really takes me back. I have to say I am very confused at the layout. ( I have been using OS X for many years now). I am trying to find the terminal program if the os 7 has one but it doesn't seem to be in the utilities or the applications folder. Can anyone here shed any light on this topic? I have been googling it for a while and am still coming up short.

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Re: Terminal for OS 7.5.2?

The "Terminal" app came out with Mac OS X. A/UX was the Apple Unix operating system, not Mac OS, and it had a shell. So except for A/UX prior to Mac OS X, Mac OS did not run a shell program in the sense that one can use the Terminal on Mac OS X. However, you can run MPWShell, and you can drop into the low level debugger MacsBug.

I did a lot of "scripting" using HyperCard, XFCNs and XCMDS. There was also NCSA Telnet but it is a remote shell only.

There may have been some third party shell programs created. Anyone remember any of these?

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Re: Terminal for OS 7.5.2?

You might have another option - if You are able to find that piece of software out there in the net...

Apple once provided the "Mac OS Utilities for the Apple Network Server" which was a bunch of software to control and operate the AIX 4 driven Apple Network Server series. As far as I remember there was a terminal application included. I am pretty sure that this software runs in Mac OS 7.5.x / 7.6.x but solely on PPC Macs. Maybe You give that one a try?

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