Off topic/not off topic question about file sharing

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Off topic/not off topic question about file sharing

Hey all:

I need some guidance.  I would like to share some information about a porject I built based on plans from another site.  Specifically its about a simple PS2-Apple II+ connector using a PIC microcontroller. 

Here's the question.  While I understand and have shared pictures through the Media Browser option in the posting body controls, I can't seem to determine how to post non image files.  Is it even possible?  I know I could put them on something like Google Drive and use the link option, but I just wanted to ask if there is another/better way to share files.  In this case, schematics, Gerber files, and the PIC chip code.



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A lot of people post code and

A lot of people post code and stuff on places like github and then post links to it here.

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I reckon pack em into a .zip

I reckon pack em into a .zip and store on this site. Especially if not too big. Then there's no worries if the third party site disappears. I'm sure github and the like will be available for a very long time and links there will be around for a very long time. Also github can pack a well formatted and descriptive repository for a project which is awesome. But having the forum thread and the data associated with it in the same location avoids disappointment when trying to get the data or image or whatever. This joint is such a great resource I'd hate to see peoples info disappear as external sites change their terms and conditions or just plane shutdown.


Couple of years ago, I got photobucketted and links to images stopped working. Both mine and threads of others I was following. Completely ruined the researching experience. I'm still disappointed hahaha.





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For attaching to a thread,

For attaching to a thread, use a zip archive. We also have a git repository that you're welcome to use.

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