Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for the Apple I ACI output

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Hook up a +40-60db microphone pre-amp to your stereo (If your TV you are using as a monitor has a good amp built in you may hear something on max volume) or use a bass guitar or PA amp like I am, though I tested my DYNEX 15" TV on max volume and can hear it.

Then type attached basic program....

or load the wav file after loading basic

4A.00FFR 800.FFFR

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One thing I should say...

There is someone I have to credit for the chart of C1 at 255 to calibrate my notes on the 6502. The problem is I don't have a name, it was from an old Xerox page shoved in a book...

So thank you to someone out there. You saved me a lot of work using an electronic guitar tuner and a lot of trial and error. Trust me I started this project that way until I remember the chart and tracked it down.