Ultima II Inaccessible Areas

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Ultima II Inaccessible Areas

Hi Folks,


Just some fun here...  I grew up playing Ultima II and I was always really curious about a couple of walled off areas in the game.  


The first was in a town called New San Antonio.  There was a bunch of guards as you walked in and they seemed to be hostile.  Now you'll remember that in Ultima II, guards would become hostile if you attacked a character in the town or castle.  You'll also remember that hostiles followed a very simple pattern of chasing you around, and these guards were doing just that, in their little walled enclosure.  The only way to let them out was to attack the two stationary guards who were blocking the entrance, but if you did that, then the all guards would be hostile.  I always wondered what would happen if they were let out without attacking the stationary guards.


Secondly, there were two areas in Minax's caslte you could not get to.  One had four time doors in it, and the other had various means of transportation (an airplane, ship, etc.)  What would happen if you walked through one of those time doors?  Where do they lead?  And if you got the airplane, could you use it to fly around her castle?


Anyhow, this stuff was bothering my for 30 years, so I finally took it upon myself to write a map editor for Ultima II and open up those areas.  I made a couple videos about what happened when I did.


Somehow I suspect I'm the only one who has been wondering about it for 30 years, but I figured if there was anyone else he would probably hanging around here.


Video 1 on New San Antonio is here:



Video 2 on Minax's caslte is here:





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I loved the Ultima games back

I loved the Ultima games back in the day.


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Those were two amazing videos

Those were two amazing videos. I can now see why you broke the internet! I love that map editor. The river in the castle was very cool. I remember playing that game in high school for hours and hours and hours. It was probably by favorite. (Wizardry was also quite excellent.) Anyway, I write about it at https://mortalwayfare.com/in-the-beginning-there-was-basic/.

I can't remember if it was a version of Ultima or not, but there was a game where I found my character's name on the floppy using a sector editor. I then replaced every byte after that with FF. My memory is hazy, but that character was unstoppable.

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