Unified Retro Keyboard for Apple 1 or misc. ASCII $120

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Unified Retro Keyboard for Apple 1 or misc. ASCII $120

For sale is one "everything but keycaps" best used with an Apple 1 replica or 1970's-era computers with ASCII interface, though it is also compatible with Apple II, II+, it will not fit in their cases because of the full set of keyswitches that are installed. $120. You DM me your shipping address and I'll send you my Venmo address to confirm, I'll send USPS to the United States.


- This is basically an assembled version of this product https://www.reactivemicro.com/product/unified-retro-keyboard-for-apple-ii-and-replica-1/ (out of stock at this time) but without the keycaps.

- but with all key switches populated, this is more suitable for a 1970's era keyboard that might be used with an Apple 1, and, though it is compatible with an apple II and II+, it will not fit in an apple 2 case.

- Any technical details can be found in the repo, https://github.com/osiweb/unified_retro_keyboard

- The keyswitches are Gateron Quinn Tactile switches https://www.gateron.com/products/gateron-quinn-tactile-switch-set?VariantsId=10688 they sound and feel very nice, ancedotaly has more "click" sound when bottoming out and better spring feedback with similar pressure to my apple IIe keyboard.

- Comes with 8u spacebar keycap with pcb-mounted stabalizer bar installed. This keycap (and bar) size is very uniquely sized and very difficult to find, the bars were kindly donated, but this makes remaining keycaps common enough in size that you can save money with a cheap set online, but please note that the original apple 2 keycap combinations are irregular, you will have to make labelling comprimises like this one pictured here,


Otherwise, I can refer you to a forum member who **may** have remaining keycap sets for sale that allow you to configure it as an apple 1-era keyboard as pictured here,

I ordered the PCB's and components, soldered, flashed the firmware, and plugged them into my Apple 1 Replica TE to troubleshoot/refix and verify it as working. If there are any minor problems or support issues I hope you see this as a DIY kit and to accept responsibility otherwise.


DM me your shipping address to buy it, thank you!