Universal PSU Kit

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Universal PSU Kit

What are your thoughts on this PSU kit?  


Are they reliable and worth the $70.00?

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>What are your thoughts on

>What are your thoughts on this PSU kit?  I like them.



>Are they reliable and worth the $70.00?


Yes. Buy two. ;-)





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I bought four of these supplies off of Henry and they are not only worth the price, but they are also easy to install and will last a lifetime.   (He did not pay me to say this either. ) 


I put one in my Apple IIe,  Apple ///,  and two in my Apple IIgs units and they just work.  The absolutely nice thing about them is you do not need to hack up your power supply to install these so if you ever want to go back to the original board (don't know why you would), you can.   


Believe me when I say I have tried different alternatives like trying to cram old PC power supplies in the aluminum case etc. and nothing works as good as these. 


I highly recommend them. 






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