Unknown ROMS Help ID'ing

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Unknown ROMS Help ID'ing


  I have a smal box of ][e chips. mixed in the foam are 2 eproms.

I dumped them and attached them here.

The Velan bin is a 27128 eprom. About half way into the file it has a string "booting DOS"

Velan Co 1988 Ver 3 Revision1.6  shows at the top of the file.


 The other BIN has no intro title. The 27256 eprom is blank until location 6440. that is about 3/4 down in the file. Ther are seveal partial strings I can make out but no full words. 


Anyone have any idea what these might be?


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The Velan eprom has x86 code,
The Velan eprom has x86 code, no 6502 code. 27256 appears to Even data for 16 bit wide data, so possibly a pair of EPROMS needed. Looking at data in 27256 @ $74c2 Tm HM:S. This could be Time HH:MM:SS,. If you skip every second character starting from the T; Tm HM:S. Another would be @ $7136 Cprgt()18 -> Copyright (c) 198? Regards Geoff B
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The second one contains the

The second one contains the strings "Copyright (c) 1989, Windsor Technologies, Inc." and "130 Alto Street, San Rafael, California 94901".

Strings containing copyright, company name and address are stored multiple times in the ROM - luckily sometimes the odd, sometimes the even characters. So it's possible to deduce and verify these. A fun puzzle - for hackers... :D

So the second ROM was created by this company (long since defunct):


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Great!Many thanks. These are


Many thanks. These are probably just extra eproms they stuck in with the apple chips.

I just wanted to make sure I was not missing someting important for the comunity.


thread closed.


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