Very Time-Sensitive! I *must* find my IIgs ROM 3 Motherboard's Serial Number by late today!

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Very Time-Sensitive! I *must* find my IIgs ROM 3 Motherboard's Serial Number by late today!

Greetings Apple Fritter Members -- II-Specific & Fritter Members-at-Large---

It's really important that I find by late today (Thursday, 12/8) the Serial Number (or another unique, permanent marking known [by an Apple II line-savvy person -- but not also an AppleFritter]) Member, genuinely to have been affixed to the Apple IIgs ROM 3 motherboards by Apple itself.

As Wayne and speedyG recently noted, a small percentage of the ROM 3 Apple IIgs ROM 3's produced (at the beginning of when ROM 3's where sold) do have a unique identifying Serial Number on their Motherboards, located on the part of the Motherboard underneath the metal, rectangular power supply.

I put on my surgical mask and, with the greatest of care, ever so gently nudged back the plastic tab at the power supply's front which was sufficient to loosen and lift it up above the part of the ROM 3 motherboard that it covers from view.

I looked at this revealed section of the motherboard very closely, and all I saw that seemed like it possibly could be a Serial Number (or other Unique Identifying Number) was one: It was the following numbers printed in white, along the middle of the edge of the left motherboard's perimeter --- does this look like a Serial Number for a ROM 3 IIgs Motherboard or other Unique Identifying number? It's --

4 8 15 16 23 42

Just kidding, I didn't buy this ROM 3 from Hurly. And this motherboard is not that of a ][+ Dharma Swan Station Edition. But seriously, though, the only number on the motherboard under the power supply that possibly could be unique is:

28.636360 (with "MHz" following this number, as though this IIgs ROM 3 has a native processor speed of 29 MHz?) Impossible MHz speed, I know, but still the "MHz" abbreviation following this number in the same typeface and white color leads me to doubt as to whether this really is a the ROM 3 Motherboard's Unique Serial Number.

Also, I don't recall seeing a Serial Number on any device with a "." in it -- in this case, a "." after the first 2 numbers listed, as you can see above. Is this by any chance my ROM 3's unique identifying Serial Number?

If not, as I'd mentioned some time ago, the only other number that appears to have been specially printed (due to the slightly smudged black ink that its typeface appears in) is at the opposite side of this Motherboard -- there, it says, 08945 towards the middle of the very edge of the motherboard's right perimeter. But I believe Wayne and/or speedyG noted that this "08945" that I found is just a number printed to indicated that this motherboard had been inspected by Apple's Quality Control Department (but not a number that is unique to this particular IIgs ROM 3 motherboard).

Incidentally, next to this right-side possibly unique identifying black-printed number on the Motherboard, is a white-printed (in about the same typeface as the number printed on motherboard's opposite perimeter from [under the power supply]) "3.686400[final numbers covered by a little silver rubber-looking component] MHz". Unlike that number across the motherboard from it beginning with "28" that I list 3 paragraphs above, this number does appear possibly to be stating with great precision this IIgs's ROM 3 well-known processor speed specification of "3.686... MHz" when it's set in it's Fast Mode, Right?

If none of these numbers look to you guys like the Serial Number or other Unique Identifying Number or Code for this ROM 3 Apple IIgs Motherboard, do you have any additional thoughts about where I could look for it? I have checked for it throughout the motherboard very closely.

Thanks very much! I really appreciate any assistance with this that you might be able to offer.

Regards --

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Re: Very Time-Sensitive! I *must* find my IIgs ROM 3 ...

you have got it or not !
as explained 08945 is in fact Q8945 => Quality Control Q year => 89 Productionline => 45
unless the serial is not beneath the powersupply - the is a chance below the "lip"-top
of the frontside ( wayne already explained how to remove that top by removing the powersupply and
thereafter viewing the board below the "lip" - by releasing the lip from the bottom by unclicking
the 3 clicknudges from the bottom while gently lifting the lip. It then may be lifted up entirely and
you will see something similar to the Photo that i uploaded for viewing/demonstration purpose at:

If tzhere is neither printed serial in white ink => apple inc. (next line) xxx-xxxxx-xxxxx (next line) xxx-xxxxx-xxxxx
nor also no real barcodelabelsticker then there is no chance - because then the serial is only in Mega2-Chip by
Software readible.....

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