Video Bible for Builders Apple-1.

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Video Bible for Builders Apple-1.

Hey guys! A great video came out last night for Apple-1 builders, sure to be useful to beginners and more experienced enthusiasts alike. Thank you so much to the author for a great job! Спасибо!

Building An Apple 1 Clone From Scratch




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Thanks for the link!

Thanks for the link!

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Oh. That's me. I'm Aaron.

Oh. That's me. I'm Aaron. Thanks for posting it and for the nice complement. I have been preparing for the video for months. I hope it helps other first time builders. I couldn't cover every little detail, but I borrowed as many tips as I could from what everyone has shared on this forum, from the build guides, and especially from Uncle Bernie. Thanks to everyone here for all the advice and just being a great community in general!

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Yes, nicely done video,

Yes, nicely done video, congratulations.But nothing could go wrong;) because from the aluminum packaging you can see that the ICs from Bernie were used again successfully: DIf you go on a search yourself, for all parts individually, it is more of a never-ending story

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