Vulcan SSD

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Vulcan SSD

A while ago I picked up a couple of RAID arrays that used 500gb and 250gb OCZ SSDs. These are older unusually slow SSDs. Slow enough that I don’t want to use them with any modern or even semi-modern equipment.

One thought was to use 2 in a couple of Vulcans. I’ve used CF adapters on the Vulcan cards but not inside the power supply. I connected a IIgs CF to a Mac but of course the Mac couldn’t read it. Vulcans use their own partitioning scheme. I used BalenaEtcher which will copy what’s on the hardware to clone it and it’s partition table onto the SSD.

I attached an ide adapter, connected it to the Vulcan card and booted System 6 off it. I end up with 249,900mb waisted space but I do have the 100mb. I don’t care for putting a CF and adapter inside a Vulcan power supply but I’ fine with an SSD. The same methods works for mechanical drives so it’s another way of putting a newer quieter drive in a Vulcan.

I’ve been using CFs with IIe Vulcan cards But those are 32mb cards. If I’m going to flash onto a SSD, I’d like to have all of the 40mb the IIe controller allows. I have 40mb WD and MiniScribe Vulcan drives, I’ve tried a USB adapter to connect them to a Mac for imaging but the WD won’t spin up on the adapter and the Miniscribe isn’t seen by  any utilities but both work on the Vulcan controller. I’ll try some older Macs with an ide bus and see if that works.