Weird video problem on Mac 128k

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Weird video problem on Mac 128k

Hi folks,

I'm trying to restore an original Mac 128K and am having an issue.  It started with sad mac telling me to replace a RAM chip.  In the process of removing the old chip and putting in a socket, the video output went from normal sad mac screen to this:



Normally, that would look like an analog board problem, but I plugged in a Mac Plus board and the display worked perfectly, so I'm sure its not the analog board.  I don't think it's my memory chip as I get this screen whether the new memory chip is in or not.

Anyone seen anything like this before or have any ideas?







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For sure this looks like an analog issue... so that it seems logic board dependent is weird. Have you inspected the joints and pins on J7? Or there's possibly a short on the board now (probably around where the socket was installed, obviously)

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