What? No Beep??

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What? No Beep??
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What is the general meaning of "No Beep" on startup?  I have just taken my Apple IIe (Enhanced) out of storage after 35 years.  Trying to make her work for my grandsons to learn by.  Any help out there??

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Before you try to power on a

Before you try to power on a //e after that long the first thing you should probably do is replace the RIFA caps in the power supply, because usually it isn't a mater of if they'll blow it is when.


Next make sure all the power supply voltages are up to spec wih a multimeter.  It is possible some other caps or something else in the power supply have gone bad over time.


Next make sure all the socketed chips are properly seated.


I recommend powering up the machine first with all the cards removed, including the 80 column/RAM card.  If it still gives no beep after you've done the above it is time for some serious trouble shooting.


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No beep at startup means that

No beep at startup means that the computer failed to execute the code in ROM to generate a beep.  

Having a "Beep" means that if there are other issues with the machine, at least you know that the CPU and the ROM select circuitry (and the bus in general) is healthy.

However, not being able to reliably access the lower 16K in RAM on startup also causes a "no-beep" situation.


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