What was in the box with the first Macintosh?

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What was in the box with the first Macintosh?

I’m looking to thin out my Macintosh collection and only keep a few. I’d like the ones I keep to be as complete and accurate as possible. To do this I’d like to have the exact contents of the boxes these systems came in.

To start, I’m looking to find out what came with my very early original Macintosh. Specifically, I need someone who can tell me what was in the first version of the accessory kit and which of the two differing opinions about MacWrite-MacPaint is correct.

I have several of the accessory kits and have been told both that MacPaint/MacWrite was in a separate box and that it was in the plastic clamshell. I have a number of both options and am personally of the belief that the separate box with its own cassette was included with the first units.

As far as the contents of the first version of the accessory kit itself, I believe I may have a few complete examples. These contain:  Macintosh users guide, Disks (Guided tour, System, backup, blank), Cassette, Reset switch, Power cable in sleeve, Adventure Begins Here pamphlet, Stickers, Disk labels, MacWorld offer sheet & Apple Care Pamphlet. Again, an exact list of contents would be greatly appreciated.

Moving on, any of the same information for the “FAT Mac”, Mac Plus, Mac 128k, Mac 512k, Mac 512k Enhanced and SE models would also come in handy.