What's going on with FTP asimov?

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What's going on with FTP asimov?

What's going on with FTP asimov?

There's some things from the beginning of the year still in the unsorted category. And combined with the incoming folder the total is 500+ files that need attention and sorting.

Why the inactivity? And could the maintainer use a helping hand? I could go through 3-5 files a day, checking revisions & duplicates, completeness, filenames & dates, and all that good stuff.


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Re: What's going on with FTP asimov?

This isn't actually that bad. It's only files from 2016 that are unsorted. In the past, I've seen it build for years with thousands of files.
I remember the admin's name was Patrick and I think he was just on the A2 facebook page talking about Asimov

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Re: What's going on with FTP asimov?

His email address is published as part of the FTP welcome message when you sign in as anonymous. Are you using a GUI FTP client? If so, look for an option to show the raw FTP transcript logs. Or just use the CLI FTP client.

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