Who still repairs Commodores?

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Who still repairs Commodores?

I received a C128 and it looks great...but this was definitely someone's toy and about 10 keys don't work. Pressing 80 column mode also throws it into a frenzy.

Does anyone know of a repair center where I can send this in to get repaired and possibly recapped?? Thank you.

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I don't think there is a

I don't think there is a "center" that does repairs anymore.  Most repair work on this kind of machine is done by individuals, mainly hobbiests.  Be cautious before sending it anywhere.  Make sure you properly vett anyone as to their ability and reliability.



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There are a few retro-focused

There are a few retro-focused repair outfits out there, most of them sole proprietorships or hobbyists, so there's definitely someone who can help you out. One I've heard lots of good about is Amiga of Rochester, which, despite their name, works on a variety of vintage machines: https://amigaofrochester.com/

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