][+ working disk controller, does not load disks

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][+ working disk controller, does not load disks

After SpeedyG's excellent advice about my keyboard troubles, my ][+ can now be semi-used.

However, it's revealed a new problem : it can't read disks!

I have tried 2 working Disk II controllers in this II, with known working drives.

It powers them up and makes the usual clacking sound, but does not make any disk reading sounds.

These drives work perfectly in my other machine.

I tried the controller card in various slots, it doesn't work in any of them.

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Re: ][+ working disk controller, does not load disks

Hello Galaxina,
this is not unusual....
Debugging a mainboard is normally a task that requests quite a bit of time....
after one mistake has been solved the next mistake jumps upfront, that has been waiting behind....
If you have another Apple II besides i would recommend to next check the single rows of RAM
row by row in the second working Apple...

If you are sure that also the RAM has been tested to be working
( easiest way to perform test with Apple Dealers Disk in the working Apple )
it might turn out to check the decoding of the slots....
( IOselect, DevSelect and IOstrobe ).....
but it´s recommended to check the RAM first... its the most common problem...
i´ll wait for result of that tests...

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