.woz disk image to 5.25 diskette

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.woz disk image to 5.25 diskette

I have started using .woz disk images with my Floppy Emu and they are working great. I'd like to copy the .woz disk image to a real 5.25 diskette. I tried DOS 3.3 master COPYA program, but get error when it tries to read the .woz image on the Floppy Emu. Has anyone created a bootable 5.25 diskette from a .woz image?

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The .woz format stors all of

The .woz format stors all of the truly bizarre track and sector copy protection, such as quarter tracks and irregula track length, used by software houses as copy protection schemes. Effectively, if you have a disk in .woz format, it probably isn't a standard 0x22 track,0xF sector disk.


You will need to use copy software and cracking tools to convert them to a real disk. You are far better off finding the same programme in .dsk or .po format, and copying that, as it has likely already been cracked, and a basic bit copy with Copy ][+ will prouce a usable, physical disk.


I had to do trhat with some software for which I own legitimate copies, as I do not have a params file for them (e.g. FotR), to create archival copies on diskette, so that I have them if my originals fail; or to use as proxies for the original as to not wear out valuable disks. 


If you are set on usin the .woz fileas as src disks, then try Copy ][+. If you have a 3.5 drive, use v9.1, otherwise use v8.x from the ProDOS 2.4.x masters. 

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