Woz signed my ACI board!

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Woz signed my ACI board!
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With genuine Apple 1 boards being so rare and expensive, I figured that my 1976 Apple Cassette Interface will likely never be paired up again with an authentic system (at least in my hands)...and with high quality repro ACI boards available from Mike W. and others, even if I had a computer to plug it into I wouldn't want to risk damaging it. So I decided to display it as a conversation piece of genuine Apple 1 hardware. Woz was awesome and autographed a reproduction Apple 1 sales flyer for me, which I then mounted with the ACI board in a walnut frame. It's hanging on my office wall now, and I've enjoyed explaining what it is (and who the inscription is from) to my colleagues. With the release of the new iPhone5, seeing this humble circuit board and handwritten note from its inventor (who is in many ways still awesomely humble himself) is a reminder how far Apple technology has come in 36 years. Wanted to share with you guys,too!


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Re: Woz signed my ACI board!

Cool! Smile

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