WTB: IIfx Logic Board and 4MB RAM SIMM 64pin

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WTB: IIfx Logic Board and 4MB RAM SIMM 64pin

Hi all,

A couple of years ago my beloved IIfx suffered from a leaking PRAM battery while in storage between houses, the resulting damage killing the logic board (bad) and a nearby 4Mb SIMM (even worse).

Moral of this story - if you're old Macs are not in regular usage, remove their PRAM batteries!!!

The time has come to finally resurrect Weed Whacker. I need a functional logic board with CPU and FPU present, however I still have the ROM SIMM so don't necessarily need another if you've used it elsewhere (mine wouldn't work in my SE/30).

I also need a functional 4MB SIMM of 64 pin RAM to make up the memory bank again. I'd consider buying 5x4Mb SIMMS is the price is reasonable.

I'm located in Tasmania, Australia but am happy to (and figuring it will be necessary to) purchase from the USA, UK, Europe, etc. (I regularly purchase from O/S) and of course pay for appropriate shipping too.

Please PM if you can help me out!

Cheers, Ben.

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Re: WTB: IIfx Logic Board and 4MB RAM SIMM 64pin

Seeing your WTB in applefritter...I have a whole IIfx for sale. The RAM has been upgraded to the maximum. It also comes with a new shrinkwrapped in box accelerator card I can describe if you're interested and other things with it.

user "machelp"

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