WTB : Pre Rev 7 motherboard

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WTB : Pre Rev 7 motherboard

I'm chasing a pre rev7 motherboard to purchase (eg rev 4) for ROMX testing. If anyone has anything please let me know. I want a board I can use to test 2513 replacements post assembly. I dont need any ROMS - not even the 2513 - so that might save me some $$. Also will take boards that are not working so long as they are physically intact and can be repaired.


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Dean, I would loan you my WIP

Dean, I would loan you my WIP Rev 04 restoration, but it is a basketcase.


I received it DOA as part of a trade, and it is pretty badly mishandled. I managed to get some video signals out of it thus far, but that is all. I am going to try to replace the CPU socket next, and install a double socket (machine pin, then stack ZIF), and see if I can clean that up, as I can't do much with it ere that.


When this board came in, the CPU was socketed backwards, some of the ICs were wrong (replaced with patrts off by one in number, and not viable crosses), it had a custom memory block missing 4 pins, and the Xtal leads were broken. I was shocked that the 6502 tested good. 


It is one of those boards that someone with absolutely no technicasl knowledge made worse by trying to repair. :/

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