Quadra 840AV & PowerComputing PC210 for sale

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Quadra 840AV & PowerComputing PC210 for sale

Is anybody out there looking for a vintage Quadra 840AV? I am the original owner. It's been so long since I configured it that I don't remember all the specs. It's Apple's standard config. The only thing that I'm reluctant to part with is the 1G hard drive because I know that it has lots of personal stuff on it. (If you have any ideas how to hook that up to my G5 and download/erase it, I'm all ears.)

Anyway, it's got all the pieces, bezels, keyboards, memory, etc that came with it. The plastic is yellowed on the bezels, lending that vintage look so prized by collectors. Wink

Anybody interested? For a minor donation plus shipping, it can be yours! I also have a PowerComputing PC210 with all the trimmings (also original owner) that needs a new loving home. Same deal on the 2G hard disk as above. Same deal on the adoption fee. It's a little prettier than the old Quadra.

Neither machine has run for years and the board batteries are surely long dead. They were, however, working when I parked them. Stored in the original boxes, they're not bad as far as dust and such.

Interested? Drop me a note and I'll give you my cell# and get you hooked up with my old treasured friends. (I'm located in central Florida.)


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Hey there -- I would be inter

Hey there -- I would be interested. I am located in Wisconsin, so would you be able to ship there? If so, please message me here so that I can give ya a call.

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powercomputing clone

im interested in the power computing clone. pm me or e-mail me at:slaymaker@excite.com. is the 210 the desktop or minitower model?

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