Need help with MP duaghter card swap

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Need help with MP duaghter card swap

I have a 9600/200 tower. Had it since '98, so I decided to upgrade it for the new year. I've swapped in a processor card from a 9600/200MP, upgraded the hard drive, and bumped up the RAM to 448MB. Its running 7.6.1.

The problem is when I go to to the 7.6 profiler it doesn't say its a dual processer machine. It still says 604e. How do I tell the if the MP function are active. I've checked the extensions folder and the Multi-processor extensions are in, but there is no sign of them in the extensions manager itself.

The machine is faster, but I really can't tell if its the MP or the hard drive and the memory upgrades at work.

Bottomline How do get MP support of confirm that the second processor is being used in 7.6.1?