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WallStreet startup

I have a wallstreet with OS 8.1 on it, and I has a weird boot problem. When I push the button to turn it on, I hear the chime and hear the HD spin up but then it just stops for about 10-45 seconds and just sits there, then it boots up just fine. Is this a problem? I has done this from OS 8-OS 10.2.8. Can I fix it? I have another HD that I could put in it, would help at all?



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My Wallstreet does this too.

My Wallstreet does this too. I press the power button and it sits there for maybe thirty seconds maybe less then boots up.

P.S. Hey John, have you had any problems like I had voiced in my topic wallstreet oddities? please read it and see.

Spenser aka Mr. Goodbytes

Edit- Actually John I think the same thing your describing on your wallstreet used to happen to my PB 3400c

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Mine does the same...among ot

Mine does the same...among other, more serious problems, though. Smile

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Mine does something similiar,

Mine does something similiar, when you press power it waits about 30seconds to a minute before it spins up the hard drive. I dont think its really a problem

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the ram check

the computer rom tells it to cheak for ram the more you got the longer
it will take

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A couple of things you might try...

hold down cmd-option-of
type init-nvram
Then reset pram by holding down cmd-option-p-r until it chimes about 2-3 times

You might also try resetting the power manager by doing the following:

PowerBook G3 Series (M4753)

1. If the computer is on, turn it off.
2. Simultaneously press Shift-Fn (function)-Ctrl (control)-Power.
3. Wait 5 seconds.
4. Press the Power button to restart the PowerBook computer.

That "might" fix it.

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