Crackling Sound on G4 1ghz Powerbook

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Crackling Sound on G4 1ghz Powerbook

Hi there,

I have a problem with what I think is the sound card on my powerbook.

Any audio plays kind of OK, but with random crackles. It's not the music I'm playing - I've tried loads of different tracks, which play fine on an mp3 player. The sound is very crackly using both the built in speakers and headphones, which makes me think the problem is not with the speakers, but with either the sound card, or the connection cables from the sound card to the speakers/headphoen socket.

The apple system profiler says that my sound card is a 'Texas Instruments TAS3004', which I found here: but don't really understand.

A couple of questons:
1) Has anyone experienced this problem before?
2) Is this sound chip integrated into the logic board?
3) could the problem be the connecting ribbon from the sound card/chip?

Hoping someone can help,

Many thanks,