Looking For Powerbook G3 - Trade/Purchase

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Looking For Powerbook G3 - Trade/Purchase

I'm looking for a Powerbook G3 at a reasonable price ($50.00 - $100.00 Canadian). I need a nice presentable laptop to show clients photos after a shoot etc.

Even the original Powerbook G3 (233/266Mhz) would work great. As long as it has Ethernet, CD-ROM and HD, I'm good to go. Oh, and PCMCIA slot too.

I have a Power Macintosh G3 Blue & White I can trade or a USB 2.0 80GB Drive System. I even have a PC laptop if someone is interested in those plus a few other items like a HP JetDirect AppleTalk Unit.

I'm not really interested in 1400/2400/3400 etc., as it needs to be G3. Passive or activematrix doesn't matter.

It needs to be in good shape, with good hinges and working battery.