Brite eyes!!!

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Brite eyes!!!

When using the Built in iSight camera, on my new G-5, I get a reflection from the monitor that shows in the image. It reflects in my glasses as I look at the picture. I have tried changing the direction I set the screen to me and get part of the image of me.

Any ideas that work will be appreciated.


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Turn down the brightness on y

Turn down the brightness on your monitor.

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i have the same mac, and no,

i have the same mac, and no, you cant turn down the monitor. the screen flashes to make everything brighter when you take the picture.

the same thing happes to me and my mac, and i usually just tilt my head or the mac a bit, and the reflection goes away


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just a thought

If you're myopic, just take off your glasses. If not... then I have a few suggestions:

contacts: actually, from what I understand, contacts actually help prevent your vision from getting worse than it already is, unlike glasses, which with use will probably require a new prescription every year.

Antireflective Lenses

Lasik Eye Surgery

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Many professional photographe

Many professional photographers will ask subjects who wear glasses to remove the lenses during the shoot, for this exact reason. Antiglare lenses might help somewhat, but this problem is decades old -- not new by any standard.

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or just have glasses with no

or just have glasses with no lens in them just for that moment when you are taking a pic then put on your normal ones

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