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On the commute into school this morning on the metro, I read about Apparently, its a website dedicated to providing a database of downloadable apps and what they *actually* do, in comparison to what they "claim" they do. Now you can read up on apps before you download/install them, potentially saving you from needlessly infecting your PC with all sorts of malicious applications.

The site is still in its infancy, but it looks like a promising idea.


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It's also useful to read the

It's also useful to read the SiteAdvisor blog:

They do regular audits of some of the worst spam hives on the internet, and tips on how to avoid this trash.

They're also working on a browser plugin that will automatically warn you if a site you are visiting is spammy or full of "bad" downloads. It also tells you this while reading google results, which is kind of cool.

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