System Profiler crashes

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System Profiler crashes

Hello. I have encountered a problem that I cannot solve.

Simply stated: System Profiler crashes in OSX 10.3.9

It has happened on two machines: a G3 B&W and an iMac 350mhz.

In both cases the machines otherwise operate fine.

In the case of the iMac, Safari will not open and there are odd dates on some of the software (including Safari), eg. iMovie and other show a year of April 1, 1976. Also, many utilitiy programs show the same date including System Profiler.

Any ideas?



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Is the system date ok? You m

Is the system date ok? You might need to replace the PRAM battery and set the date, then go in and repair the disk.

Heck, if teh date is not set somewhat recently Gnome won't load on Ubuntu. That's a fun thing to figure out. ::rolleyes::

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