Lombard/Wallstreet Memory Intercompatibility?

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Lombard/Wallstreet Memory Intercompatibility?

I just bought a Lombard 333 off eBay to replace my Wallstreet. The Lombard comes with 256mb of memory (256 in the upper slot and 64 in lower). I have a 256mb memory card from when I upgraded the Wallstreet= is it compatible with the Lombard and can I just put it in the lower slot and have it working or is there something else I need to do? I have seen that it's maximum is 384mb but that you can use 512. How is that?

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The memory itself is compatib

The memory itself is compatible with the machine... the thing that is important is that it must be a low profile DIMM to fit in the lower slot on a Lombard. The RAM ceiling on the Lombard is 512mb.


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