I'm looking for Apple II Microcom clone and games.

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I'm looking for Apple II Microcom clone and games.

Hi, I'm looking for Apple II computer, Microcom clone if anyone have it, please email me. I am looking too for a monitor, I don't know what is the mark, but when I was young I got this kind of monitor that came with my computer Microcom clone. It have one button on the front to adjust brightness and have a kind of module behind to adjust volume, tint, etc. With two RC cable audio/video input on the side. I woule like to have the same. It was perfect to play nes nintendo games on it. If you have picture I can tell you if its the one I looking for.

I am looking for any box, manuals of games and these games too:

C'est la Vie (1983, Eastman Computing, Inc) french game.
Secret Agent. White and black hats taking the train.
Handy Dandy
Karate Champ
Dung Beetles
Horizon V
Phantoms Five
Star Maze
Jellyfish (the submarine)
Missing Ring DataMost - 1982
Canyon Climber DataSoft - 1982
Congo Bongo (the game was a kind of canoe over the river)

thank you Smile