probooks shipping soon?

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probooks shipping soon?

lowendmac's Dan Knight reports:

This week Apple delivered a dozen MacBook Pro computers to the top 12
Webkit contributors, and first shipments to the public are anticipated
for the coming week . . .

Anyone read any other similar reports?

dan k

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AppleInsider is reporting the same also:

"Apple updates MacBook Pro lead times

It appears that Apple will soon begin shipping its first batch of MacBook Pro professional laptops, which, according to estimates provided to customers, should start arriving in the US within the next two weeks.

Overnight, the Mac maker quietly updated lead times on its online store for the MacBook Pro from shipping in "February" to "3-4 weeks." This suggests that Apple is unlikely to meet overall world-wide demand for the laptops within its current quarter, as stated by company executives last month. However, it also implies that that Apple has aligned demand and is currently confident that it can begin shipping new MacBook Pro orders placed today by this time next month.

It was reported last month that Apple is witnessing stellar sales of the MacBook Pro through pre-orders placed through its direct sales business and authorized resellers. "


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Anything yet? I ordered mine

Anything yet? I ordered mine through my university's computer store...they say March...i say a string of obscenities.

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