The "Old" Apple bug bit me but I need some help please!

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The "Old" Apple bug bit me but I need some help please!

Hello everyone. The Apple bug just hit me last week after 20+ years! I had an Apple IIe back in the early 80's and would love to get one back again. I was just very fortunate earlier today to obtain an Apple IIc system for free from a very nice gentlemen! I set everything up but have one problem with it. The screen "sways" from left to right about every minute, similiar to what happens in a funny mirror. Can this be fixed? If not, does any one out there have an Apple IIc monitor that I can have or purchase for a small price?

Also, I am still on the look out for an Apple IIe system that is in very good/excellent shape. If you need to get rid of one PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE let me know!



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screen sway

Are you sure that the problem is with the monitor, not the video circuitry in the Apple II?

I would test the IIc video by plugging it into the video in jack on a TV to see if the "sway" happens on a working TV/monitor. I am assuming you have a TV with a NTSC video in RCA jack and that the IIc has the output for this -- I know that IIe's and earlier Apple II models all have a NTSC video out RCA jack. I am not totally familiar with the IIc's, does the IIc use a regular RCA jack NTSC video cable?

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//c video problems

The Apple //c does have an RCA jack on the
back for video output to the monitor. You
can connect the video out to your TV using
a standard RCA-phono-plug coax cable long
enough to reach from your computer to the
TV. These extension cables are readily av-
ailable from Radio Shack for a few bucks
and come in various lengths. The cable must
e of the shielded type (coaxial).

You might also try plugging into another
Apple-compatible monitor if you have one.
Any Apple monochrome monitor, Tandy mono-
chrome monitor or TAXAN monochrome monitor
will work just fine. I use a TAXAN monitor
on my Apple II machines all the time be-
cause I find the yellow characters don't
seem to strain the eyes as much.

Hope some of this is helpful.

As a last ditch you might try the TV. One
problem with the TV is that the resolution
on the TV tends to be "fuzzy" due to the
larger screen area,

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