WTB: Slot Load iMac -to- ATX Kit

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WTB: Slot Load iMac -to- ATX Kit

Here's the thing:

I have a couple of iMac 350mhz slot load motherboards laying around. I would like to turn at least one of these into an actual computer, so I need a cable for the power supply (which I can get) and a cable for the monitor (of which I have plenty).

I have absolustely no talent when it comes to wiring, soldering, etc, so I'm hoping someone out there with a little more proficiency than I would be willing to make said adapters/cables and sell them to me for a resonable price.

If you are willing to make the parts needed for me to get this motherboard up and running, please email me at or PM me through the board with your price.

Just to clarify, I DO have the following:

Hard Drive
CD Drive
ATX Power Supply

What I NEED is:

Cable/adapter for ATX power supply to motherboard
Cable/adapter for VGA monitor to motherboard