iBook 14" LCD display assembly

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iBook 14" LCD display assembly

Hi all,

I'm new here, but have been an active member of the LEM community for years; you can also view my ebay feedback (such as it is, I'm not a big shopper, and only ever sold a truck) here:


Anyway, this is a fully working display assembly from a dual-USB G3/700 that received normal use, rarely moved from a single desk. LCD, bezel, case, hinges, etc. I'm told that the LCD itself will work with other 14 inch Apple laptops, but that's for you to figure out.

No scratches on the LCD itself, outer case shows minimal wear (you know, those tiny invisible scratches that all the plastic/Lexan iBooks end up with after about 20 minutes).


Prices for these are all over the map, but I have a fundamental problem with screens going for more than the computers they're attached to. Looking for $150ish.

If you can pick up in 11211 or Manhattan, it'd save me a boring wait at the local post office, but the 'pod is loaded with audiobooks, so I'm good either way. Paypal, MO, cash OK.

Tested & guaranteed not DOA, but just like the big retailers, no refund if there are only one or two dead pixels (I didn't notice any and none were mentioned to me, but it was never my machine).

Feel free to reply/PM with questions, and thanks for your attention.