PowerBook G4 1.5Ghz 15" Forsale

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PowerBook G4 1.5Ghz 15" Forsale

Hey all, I'm posting this again. I had posted this before in late December and due to personal problems at the time I wasn't able to come through on it. Well, the time has come to list it again and get rid of it. I use it everyday and it's a great machine. It has some small problems but it works very well.

1.5 Ghz G4
15 Inch Screen
Battery and AC
I have the original books and CD's for it (no box)
Mac OS 10.4.4
20 Gig HD (originally had an 80gig that died and I replaced it with the only thing I had 20gig)
Airport Extreme
Backlit Keyboard

Missing on key on the KB, it still works but the keycap is missing it the : (colon) key
The latch doesn't hold the screen shut (I've used a piece of tape to hold it closed - works fine)
The AC in port is loose, it still charges and works but it's loose.

I've used the machine like this since November and it's worked absolutely wonderfully. I hate to part with but, other things call to me. (Newer car) If I didn't need the car this wouldn't be forsale... but... Pictures can be supplied on request.

I'm open to offers... any... please?