cd-rw; liteOn-it problem

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cd-rw; liteOn-it problem

so this cd-rw drive has been awesome for one full year. and now it wont recognize anything. everything in the computer (X and 9) sees a device and knows the name and everything. but when there is a disc in there, everything says there is no disc. i am guessing the drive died. anyone else think so?
oh yeah, it is a liteOn-it cd-rw 52x32x52. i dont think i used patchburn for this installation, and that installation happened several months ago and this just happened last night. o burn, i have been using roxio toast 6.1 or something like that.

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it sounds like you could be r

it sounds like you could be right about it dieing, but first check to see if the ide connectors are on good . take them off and put them back on. try to run a optical drive cleaner threw it. i know this will not work but its worth a try have you held the cuda button have you reset pram. the only other option is to buy another drive if all else fail's. BTW it could be a good time to buy a dvd +- r rw/cd r rw drive

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