WTB: Powerbook DVD Drive

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WTB: Powerbook DVD Drive

I was wondering if anyone had a compatible dvd drive that would work in a pismo. Ionly need the drive. Thanks!!!

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you can get any slim like tray or slot load DVD drive and hack it in, but then again, if you are going for beauty, you can get an original. I would say to put a CD-RW/DVD combo in it. You can get a Sony crx-820e for pretty cheap. I got one for my old pismo for only $80 when they were new about 3 years ago. I imagine they would be pretty cheap now. Aladds pointed out that there is someone that put either a DVD-RW or Combo drive in a modded bezel that was a slot load and fit perfectly in the side of the pismo as if it was the original drive. So you might want to contact him

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