PowerComputing PowerTower Pro with G3 and misc. upgrades

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PowerComputing PowerTower Pro with G3 and misc. upgrades

PowerTower Pro 225 (board # PPC 5000-0121-04) with a NewerTech 300MHz
G3 daughtercard and an ATI Mach64 video card with Mac & VGA
connectors. The unit has 224MB of RAM in it and a 2GB SCSI 50 pin
drive. Also included is an Apple bootable CD-ROM (no more FWB
nonsense) and a Ricoh Mediamaster MP6200S CD-RW drive.

The PTPro has 8 RAM slots and 6 PCI slots for loads of upgrades. There
is also room for four 5.25 inch drives and four 3.5 inch drives. This
is much more expandable than anything Apple has ever made.

Case is in good condition with a few minor scratches and the old Pro
is a workhorse for using OS 8-9 applications. It can run OS X with
Xpostfacto and a little work but honestly it's not worth the effort
due to the bus speed of the logic board.

I can also add an Adaptec UW SCSI card with one or two 9GB Seagate
drives for additional $$ all set up and ready to rock OS 8 or OS 9
apps. This is a very good old Photoshop (version 4-7) machine with the
SCSI drives.

More RAM and a dual monitor set-up (extra video card) is available as well.

Base price for the PowerTower Pro is $35.00 + shipping in the US.
If you want the extra drives, video card, and/or RAM added let me know
and I'll set a price for whatever configuration you may want.

Shipping from 32905 will be via USPS or Fed-Ex and is the buyers choice and photos available upon request.