Using wish i were (?) for dvd's on unsupported machines

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Using wish i were (?) for dvd's on unsupported machines

is it possible to use Wish I were (or wish I was) to make a Computer think it has a DVD Decoder/ have enough VRAM so that I can try to force a system to use DVD player by apple? Or does anyone know How i can get DVD player in either OS 9 or OS X to use the dvd player app.
I know that in OS X the DVD decoding is done by a plugin built into the app or system, and not Hardware decoder. I want to see if I can get the DVD Player to think I have 8MB VRAM, instead of the 6 that my PM G3 AIO has. I got the CPU up to 458MHz, and I know that DVD Player does a better job than VLC or another app does, as it is more efficient.

Anyone got any ideas?

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there is a few hacks to make

there is a few hacks to make it work in OS 9.2.2 but you need a ATI radeon 7000 Mac Edition 32mb DDR PCI video card or better to work . Stay away from the rage 128 with dvd decoder card they some times cause problems and are unsupported on the Beige G3's 33mhz pci bus. so i would buy a radeon 7000 Mac edition PCI video card for $20-$30 USD you will also like the proformance boost that it gives. i can play dvd's on OS X and OS 9.2.2 with the AIO in my sig

just go here and download the dvd app's and do what it say's on the site to get it to work

if you google around there is a hack for OS X to

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