Beige G3 & OS X Server 10.2.4

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Beige G3 & OS X Server 10.2.4

OK, I'm working with a few Beige G3's (266MHz from the factory, over clocked to 300MHz with a bit of jumper play).

I want to put OS X Server on the system. I know these handle upto 10.2.8 WITHOUT XPostFacto.
I have OSX (Not Server) v10.2.3 discs and they boot just fine.
I have OSX Server v10.2.4 discs and they will not boot.

Resetting the pram does not help. Resetting the cuda does not help. Exchanging the CDROM drive does not help. Real discs or a burned copy (CDR) or 10.2.4 server does not make a difference. Using the factory 266MHz settings compared to the overclocked 300MHz settings do not help.

Installing 10.2.4 onto a harddrive in a B&W G3 (350MHz) then placing the driv into the Beige G3 -WILL- boot 10.2.4 server.

Any ideas on what needs to be done so I can boot and install 10.2.4 server the way it was intended to be installed? I can't count on having borrowed use of a B&W, should I ever need to reinstall.

FYI, although 10.2.3 (non server) installs without a hitch, the first round of updates always dies several times (screen goes black, have to physically unplug and plug back into power), then attempt to resume. After the FIRST round of updates, the remainder of the updates goes just fine.