What else? A Mystic Upgrade problem.

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What else? A Mystic Upgrade problem.

Hello All,
I am attempting to do a Mystic upgrade. I have the CC and an LC575 board. With the stock board The system booted fine. I then did all the system folder changes with ResEdit. Changing the Gestalt boot process, Blessing the system folder and still got the dreaded 'bus error'. This was about 2 weeks ago and I have been trying everything I could find on the net that doesn't require soldering. So, to night I initilized the HD having read that if I did a fresh install with the lc575 in it would load what it needed. Well, I still get a 'bus error' with the OS 7.5.3 install disk inserted. I have 3 LC575 boards and I have tried them all and it makes no difference (thinking one was bad).

Any Ideas?