looking for Apple IIe games

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looking for Apple IIe games

I'm looking for some Apple IIe disk images. They're probably considered Edutainment. My dad used to be a teacher and ran a computer lab, so I played a lot of those games you'd find in schools. I checked Asimov with no luck. I was hoping someone here could help.

Show Time (a game where you direct characters and write dialog for them kind of like a play)
Twistaplot - Tales of Adventure (a simple series of games I think by Scholastic or Spinnaker)
Twistaplot - Tales of Mystery
Twistaplot - Tales of Suspense
Twistaplot - Tales of the Future
A coloring book game that I don't know the name, but it had outline images that you could fill in with color. One picture was of a kid raking leaves, one was of Father Time and Happy New Years.

I'd be happy to get a hold of these games. There might be more "Tales of..." games, those are the four I remember. There might be a Tales of History now that I think about it. I hope someone can help or can direct me to somewhere I can get help.