MyWill 3.0

MyWILL is a 'do it yourself' shareware program for the average
person who may or
may not be married, may or may not have children and whose estate may
or may not
be large enough to be subjected to probate costs, professional fees and taxes.
Its creation provides for the distribution of your
possessions, estate, property and
so forth upon your death.
The program walks you through all the steps of creating a Will,
and generates an editable,
printable copy at the end of the process. Online Help is available
for each step.
Upon our death, do we want the result of our labors eaten away
by unnecessary
court costs, professional fees and taxes? More importantly, do we
want the State to
distribute our property and appoint a guardian for our minor children
if we don't leave a Will?
Changed format to the modern look in this version. PowerPC and
68K formats are available.
MyWill ReadMe contains version history.
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