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Abstracts from files in info-mac/app/bus as of Sun 20 Mar 2005

Accounter is a straightforward cash book accounts system - a development
within Excel98. (You need Macintosh Excel98 and a basic familiarity with
that program).
With Accounter you know where you are and where everything is because all
entries are out in the open on a spreadsheet.
Accounter lets you break down one or more accounts into as many categories
as you wish. But you don't have to have a column for each category with
the columns extending "out west" seemingly forever - no scrolling every
time you make an entry.
Accounter makes whole or part summaries of your accounts with a choice of
how much detail you want.
Accounter handles splitting up of debits and credits into sub entries and
also lets you set up for one or more taxes such as Sales, Value Added or
Goods and Services taxes.
Accounter is simple to use but sophisticated. Shareware.