DatePaster 68k 1.0

DatePaster is simple utility that allows you to select any date and copy its
long form to the system clipboard for pasting into any application that
allows text to be pasted in.

DatePaster has no side-effects other than what it puts on the clipboard. In
particular, it does not change or reset your system date.

**** Why DatePaster? ****

One of the minor annoyances of life is receiving a message announcing some
event on some date, such as "We will have a picnic on June 15, 2000." This
immediately sends the receiver looking for a calendar to find out what day
of the week June 15 falls on.

Wouldn1t it be nicer if all senders took the trouble to put the weekday in
their messages? For instance, "We will have a picnic on Thursday, June 15,
2000." A few do this, but sometimes end up making mistakes that result in
further, "Oops!" messages.

I wrote DatePaster to help me be a good citizen-communicator. It gives you a
floating window in which you can easily select any date and click a button
to copy its long form (including the weekday, of course) to the clipboard
for pasting in your documents.

** DatePaster is freeware; it may be used and distributed freely, including
by storing it on file servers and magazine, user group and Info-Mac CDs. I
retain the title, ownership rights, intellectual property rights, and all
other legal rights. **


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