"Par Four" Email Sound (16-bit/44kHz)

"Par Four" Email Replacement Sound

You squeeze the grip softly, looking first at the ball, then at the cup.
The ball, the cup. Drawing back, you edge the putter just six inches
behind the white ball, recoiling gently as the head makes contact with
just the right amount of force. The green, in perfect condition, escorts
your ball through the contours of the terrain, right to the hole. It
reaches the edge, pauses briefly, then proceeds to disappear into the
earth making that glorious pitter-patter sound you love so much.

Hey, wake up! It's just an email coming in, man!

Introducing the "Par Four" email sound from Clixsounds, a perfect digital
audio snapshot of that ever-gratifying sound of a golf ball dropping into
the cup. It's a short stereo sound perfect for any golfer's email
program. The sound can easily be used with later versions of Claris
Emailer, Eudora Pro, and others that allow the assignment of sound files
as mail notifiers. Other programs that don't have the option of
assigning sounds can still utilize this sound with the help of "Agent
Audio," available for download Clixsounds' seb site.

The "Par Four" Email Sound is available in both 16-bit and 8-bit stereo
and can be downloaded here or at the Clixsounds WWW site at:

Agent Audio is available for download at:

This file is freeware and may be redistributed freely providing it is
unaltered and includes the accompanying document. Note that a portion of
this archive is information concerning Clixsounds products and services.

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Internet: email@clixsounds.com
Support: support@clixsounds.com
Sales: sales@clixsounds.com
America Online: CLIXSOUNDS

World Wide Web: http://www.clixsounds.com/

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