Alien Voice Online Sounds (AOL 4.0)

Custom sounds for AOL are back! Now you can customize your sounds for AOL
4.0 with the "Alien Voice" Online Sounds for AOL 4.0. Turn your online
sessions into a trip into deep space with scifi sound effects and a little
alien voice...

Logon: "Welcome Online, Earthling"
New Mail: "You have received new electronic communication"
Buddy Logon: Ethereal Sound Effect
Buddy Logoff: Phazer blast
Instant Message: Electronic Blurbs
File Transfer: "File has been beamed aboard"
Logoff: "Departing to earth."

Installation is simple, and step-by-step instructions are included.

The "Alien Voice" Online Sounds can be downloaded here or at the Clixsounds
WWW site along with numerous other sets of Online sounds and system sounds
for Mac at:

This file is freeware and may be redistributed freely providing it is
unaltered and includes the accompanying document. Note that a portion of
this archive is information concerning Clixsounds products and services.

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