Programme-Name: CoMa for Macintosh/Atari Voice/Pro 4.0.1

Purpose: fax & voice-mail-system, to send & receive fax, answering
machine and mini-mailbox with internal z-modem

Programme-Type: Shareware / Crippleware

Author: Siegfried Hartmann

Hardware: PowerMac or 68k-Mac from System 7.5.1 or Computer with
MagiC[Mac|PC] or TOS

CoMa has the following common functions and attributes in all levels

- english documentation - fax-class 2 & 2.0 - network-capable
fax-job-management (3 jobs in 24 hours) - Serial fax - Display of the
calling-number with ISDN-modems - Display of call units with ISDN-Modems
- internal editor - incoming pages are displayed during fax-reception
!! (even on 8 MHz-computers) - text can be mixed with graphic-logos and
signatures - polling (receive & send with class 2.0) - fax-voice-number
management, including groups - management for incoming
fax/messages/mails - mini-mailbox with internal send & receive-z-modem

Path: /www/exparrot/

File co-ma-mac-401.hqx1.12 MB